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Ideal TV flatmates

The world of TV is rich with characters we want to know more of, and people say there is nothing like living with someone if you want to get to know them. So if you’re not lucky enough to get along with your actual flatmates, here are a few TV characters you can pretend to replace them with.

Jane Villanueva (Jane the Virgin)

Jane is not everyone’s cup of tea: she can be sanctimonious, she meddles, and she doesn’t seem to have an off switch. Whether happy or sad, she’s at a hundred percent all the time. However, if you need that extra bit of motivation to get moving, Jane would be the ideal roommate. You probably wouldn’t even have to ask before she made you a weekly, monthly, and five-year plan to sort your life out. Jane’s can-do attitude is also contagious, and with her optimistic outlook, anything seems attainable. She is a virgin with a baby, after all…

Jane also knows how to deal with life’s curveballs. She rolls with an unexpected pregnancy, so any of your last-minute revision would be no problem. Moreover, while she is responsible, she is also open to having a good time, so you would have someone reliable to frequent Pop! with. Likewise, if you felt more like a poetry reading than a sweaty club, you would find an equally enthusiastic friend in her.

Monica Geller (Friends)

Like Jane, Monica wouldn’t be everyone’s first choice. It’s true that she’s controlling and neurotic, no matter how much she pretends to be a ‘kook’. But I care more about the cook than the kook, because my perpetually hungry self can’t help but be tempted to live with a chef. With Monica around, you wouldn’t have to worry about putting together a questionable meal with random ingredients in your fridge. Like we see in ‘The One with the Truth About London,’ Monica not only loves cooking, but also wants to indulge her friends. As long as you exercised regularly and avoided any potential pseudo-foods she brought home from work, you would never have to work on an empty stomach again.

Much like Jane, Monica is also very organised, so you would never come home to a messy flat. And thanks to her competitiveness, you would be guaranteed a win if you got her on your pub quiz team. Overall, if you turned a blind eye to her neuroses and her secret messy cupboard, Monica could definitely be an ideal roommate.

Richard Castle (Castle)

Living with Castle would be a breath of fresh air. He’s basically a child trapped in an adult’s body, which means no idea would be too crazy for him. Want to start a mime society? He’d be up for it. Feel like dressing up as a space cowboy for circling? He would already be a step ahead of you.

Castle’s writer’s brain gives him a wildly overactive imagination, which means that your university days would be anything but boring. You could wake him up at 2 a.m. to talk about life (or play a game of laser tag) and he wouldn’t mind. He’s also loyal, so would always be by your side, whether in some giant club, or through a particularly grueling all-nighter. In fact, with his knack for murder mysteries, he could easily identify what killed your productivity and help you come up with more creative ways to work, like using Scrabble to revise.

He would undoubtedly bring a splash of laughter to your life, even during dreary Monday morning lectures. And if you made a good impression on him, he might also bring you coffee to get your day started.

The Doctor (Doctor Who)

Face it: sometimes the Warwick Bubble can be a little suffocating. A visit to Leam might give you a break — unless you’re stuck in a queue waiting for another delayed U1. You know what’s more reliable than public transport? The TARDIS. And what better getaway than the entirety of space and time?

Living with the Doctor would be like having multiple friends in one. Every time they regenerated, you might find one trait stronger than the other, but the one thing you could hope to see again is a sense of adventure. You would never hear the Doctor say the words ‘I’m too tired,’ because what’s a quick trip to Tesco compared to hurtling through space? They would also be the first to try that seedy new bar with you, just to try something new.

Plus, forget having to request books in the library again; with the Doctor at your side, The Library and its collection of every book ever written would be at your fingertips. True, you might be a little preoccupied battling the Doctor’s various enemies to study. But ultimately, you would have an unforgettable university experience (and you’d get very good at time management).

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