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Flower Boy is the accumulation of Tyler, the Creator’s great and many talents


If you like sexy lyrics, lizards and Leonardo DiCaprio then you should definitely listen to Tyler, the Creator’s latest album, Flower Boy.

Described as Tyler’s “sincere and most accomplished album”, Flower Boy is rumoured to be his best yet. This album is the accumulation of Tyler’s great and many talents, as demonstrated by the fact that he wrote and produced this piece entirely by himself. So far, it has debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200, creating widespread discussion amongst fans and the press.

As expected, Flower Boy is laced with controversial ideas. Tyler has triggered rumours that he may actually be gay, suggesting that he has a crush on 1995 Leonardo DiCaprio in the track ‘Who Dat Boy’ (featuring A$AP Rocky). He also confesses to have “been kissing white boys since 2004” in ‘I Ain’t Got Time’. However, anyone who is familiar with his quirky personality will know that Tyler’s tongue-in-cheek declarations aren’t always what they seem. Also, in all fairness, who DOESN’T have feelings for ‘95 Leo?


This is Tyler’s sixth solo album, featuring artists like Lil Wayne, Estelle and Frank Ocean. Jaden Smith joins Tyler on the track Pothole, bringing back some chilled 90s R’n’B vibes with its smooth backing music. It also has some of the album’s most memorable lyrics, like “Find somebody who love me and raise a couple of lizards”. Tyler’s famously aggressive timbres are mixed with Arabic-sounding violins in the diss track ‘I Ain’t Got Time’. The softer, more sensitive side of his personality comes through in the gentle song ‘See You Again’, including the line “I’d give up a bakery to have a piece of your pie”.

There’s something about this album that makes you feel like you’re sat with Tyler in his bedroom, eating cereal as he records it. In particular, the song Boredom is reminiscent of the inner-ramblings of a cooped-up young teenager sat upstairs, wondering what to do with their spare time. Tyler is known for rejecting social media due to its effects upon the way we interact today. In the song he explores the impact of someone failing to do anything productive with their time as they endlessly wait for text messages that they will never receive.

There’s something about this album that makes you feel like you’re sat with Tyler in his bedroom, eating cereal as he records it

If his writing and producing skills aren’t impressive enough, then Tyler’s artistic talents are also displayed on the album cover, alongside an image designed by the famous American visual artist Eric White.

Conclusively, if you occasionally find yourself getting lost to music whilst laying on your bedroom floor then Flower Boy is definitely worth having a listen to. Alternatively, as Tyler himself advised on his Twitter, the album is “golden hour/sunset music if you’re wondering the best time to listen”.

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