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The best book nooks on campus

As you are reading this section of The Boar, then you probably also understand the importance of a good reading nook. Whether you like to be cozied up in a squishy leather arm chair, or somewhere light and airy where you can focus on your book, we’re giving you the inside scoop on the best places to read around campus. This guide isn’t just for Freshers; even seasoned third years can discover new spots where they can get lost in a book.

The Oculus

The Oculus is a new addition to campus, and a great all-rounder of a spot. It boasts natural light, large tables and the chatter of busy students, making it the perfect place to do some focused reading. You can head to the coffee bar downstairs if you (like me) rely on caffeine to get anything done, or upstairs to the huge chairs, which are ridiculously comfy; suitable for the most relaxed reader. The Oculus really is a reading spot for anyone and everyone.

Tocil Lakes

If you like reading outdoors, then this is the perfect place for you. In this peaceful spot trees rustle, birds sing and there is fresh air in abundance (and the odd goose). As the weather gets colder, make sure you take a jacket and a flask of something hot to drink.

The sofas in Milburn House

This is one for the sleepy readers. The ones who like to slouch. The sofas in Milburn house are the squishiest around, and the table in the middle is ideal for putting your cup or your feet on. The best part? No one will judge you for falling asleep with a book open on your face!


In Curiositea you can curl up in a leather armchair with a cup of tea and a good book. It is a reading nook for anyone who appreciates a cute and cosy environment. The staff in there are lovely, and the cake selection is heavenly! So, if you are meeting up with a friend, or going on a coffee date, this is the place to sit and fill them in on what you have been reading.

Westwood Campus

Westwood is especially pretty in the autumn term as the leaves on the trees start to turn. A bench along one of the paths by the accommodation is the perfect place to read if you fancy a change of scenery from main campus. This reading spot is also a useful rest stop on the way to or from the post room. It’s quite a trek!

Book Stops

Image: Jess Holt.

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