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That Summer ‘17 Vibe: Music for a carefree summertime sundown

There’s an abundance of playlists, compilations of songs you should/could/must listen to to have a perfect summertime. It can get a bit overwhelming but scrolling through them you can be sure to find something that matches your mood and state of mind. Jill Lupupa shares her pics below:

Frank Ocean – ‘Self Control’

Taken from Ocean’s 2016 album, Blonde, this song’s acoustic guitar chords is sure to put your head deep into the clouds. Frank Ocean’s harmonious vocals singing of the summertime is a perfect accompaniment to an introspective hot summer evening. Self Control takes its rightful place as the calmest, sinful slow jam.


Tyler, the Creator – Boredom

Violins, guitars, and Corinne Bailey Rae’s angelic supporting vocals create this ear romance. Repetitive advice to “find some time to do something” is most likely relevant for some students with time on our hands to finally do everything we wanted to do, but without the guilt of not studying. The single comes from Tyler’s new album Scum Fuck Flower Boy that’s set to come out July 21.


GoldLink – Palm Trees

Intricately plucked strings, bass undertones and pulsating beats accompany the soulful runs of GoldLink to put you in a state of true summer bliss. Idyllic lyrics of “underneath the palm trees” will have you picturing yourself abroad, on the beach with a drink in hand where “you can leave your worries” at least temporarily.


alt-j – Dancing in the Moonlight (Its Caught Me in its Spotlight)

This tranquil cover of the original song by the 1970s group ‘Thin Lizzy’ is carefully performed with Joe Newman’s low hush tones. Add an acoustic guitar for true “hot summer night” vibes and the echoed, deep backing vocals of Gus Unger-Hamilton and you have the ideal summer serenade.


Alexandra Savior – Cupid

An alternative to Lana Del Rey, this song brings the sombre ambience to your summer evening with ethereal, elegant vocals ringing into your ears that will bring you down to earth. The rendition from the album Belladonna of Sadness comes with a slowed down bass, drums and a synth that will romance you for a solid 3 minutes.


Haim – Walking Away

Whispery, high vocal tones combine with a reverberating beat that builds up to the song’s climax – sure to immerse you in heavenly spirits. The guitar rift prior to the bridge of the song introduces a summery pop style in true Haim fashion. Taken from their newly-released album, Something to Tell You, this song will also leave you feeling somewhat liberated.


The xx – Dangerous

Shuffling beats from the song’s outset will get you moving, even if it’s not on the dance floor. The chorus introduces horns galore that clash with a deep bass sound, perfectly suited for a summertime party or festival. In the xx style, Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim’s vocals provide a breathy, melancholic touch to the overarching track.


King Krule – Out Getting Ribs

The husky, raw voice that is King Krule is accompanied by romantic guitar chords that may place you into a trance until the culmination of the song. The back-end lyrics reminding us not to “worry about a thing” seem to be perfect for the end to a careless summer day.


 Lana Del Rey – Summer Bummer (ft. A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti)

Gothic piano notes in the background and the haunting adorned voice of Lana in the forefront. The latest single from the singer’s latest album Lust for Life to be released July 21, features rappers A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti from the A$AP Mob, adding some hip-hop flare to a gentle Lana track.


 Unknown Mortal Orchestra – First World Problem

Funky mixes and an upbeat UMO, this song will make you forget all your first world problems as you either kick it back in the sun or get down to the infectious rhythmic chorus this 2017 summertime.


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