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That Summer ‘17 Vibe: Another compilation of summer tunes

SUMMER IS HERE!!! And the battle for the hit summer song of the year has ultimately fallen before us – as the temperatures rise so does the competition. After a long and gruelling academic year, summer has yet again taken us by surprise. With regards to the music world it has been a particularly competitive year with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Justin Bieber all coming out with big hits.

Now, to out rightly crown just one song as the ‘summer hit’ would be immensely difficult and unfair due to the sheer amount of chart topping contenders that emerged this year. Hence why I decided to make a compilation of songs, both old and new, that simply arouse euphoria and that carefree summer feeling.


Laura Mvula – ‘Green Garden’

This is most definitely one of my personal favourites. The beat has an orchestral vibe to it accompanied by subtle handclaps that make you want to tap your foot uncontrollably. Mvula’s voice is rather mellow in this song which creates a calming sensation but then, out of the blue, an array of high pitched voices suddenly blossom. The title ‘Green Garden’ screams summer, this song is suitable for those sunny picnic days with good company where you lay down on the grass and simply forget about all of life’s troubles.


John Coltrane – ‘In A Sentimental Mood’

Summer nights coupled with John Coltrane’s ‘In A Sentimental Mood’ can only be described as the perfect remedy for those exhaustive summer rays we endure throughout the day. This jazz composition takes you on an endless journey, from the mellow saxophone to a quickened tempo with the sporadic burst of the drums. If you want to go on a journey on a cool summers night without leaving your environment, then this is the ideal summer song for you.


Recommendations from friends

DJ Khaled – Grateful / ‘Wild Thoughts’

To Funmi Adeyemo, a second year Law student, ‘Wild Thoughts’ encapsulates the raunchy summer vibe, the timing for the release was perfect as it was right after exam season and eased her right into the summer mood.

DJ Khaled’s album seems to be causing a lot of commotion especially with the aforementioned hit single ‘Wild Thoughts.’ For Kemi Akinlotan, a second year philosophy student, Grateful consists of various dance worthy songs suitable for summer activities such as a rooftop or beach parties. In terms of the feel of the album, the title is pretty much self-explanatory, encouraging one to place worries aside for the duration of the song and live your best life!

Drake – More Life

Summer is never complete without a soppy Drake number. More Life for Bukola Daike, a second year international relations student, is simply the album for summer. With household names such as ‘Passionfruit,’ ‘Fake Love’ and ‘Blem,’ Drake has indeed come out on top once again for the summer season and deserves a place in this compilation.

Niniola- ‘Maradona’

Afrobeats is essential for any summer compilation, especially when it comes to creating a lively and upbeat atmosphere.  According to Eno Ani, a second year Bio-med student, the beat in Maradona is nothing but awesome and it’s about F***Boys which we all the need to avoid. A stress free summer is the best type of summer and Niniola provides the essential guidelines to achieving this goal!


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