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Image: Anlevy / Pixabay

Be your best self this summer

Summer. The word alone oozes positivity; whether it’s the hot days, late nights, or the cold ciders that you anticipate most, it is undoubtedly the season most associated with fun and freedom. But what if you could use the three months at your complete disposable to do more than gorge on barbeque burgers and bask in the midday sun?

With twelve weeks to fill, why not seize the opportunity to regain control of your wellbeing? So often amid the stresses and obligations of exam season our personal wellness is neglected; placed on the back burner whilst we desperately over-caffeinate ourselves in the library and forget what the inside of the gym ever looked like.

Now, running resembles therapy. I’ve never looked back…

Yet, summer presents the perfect chance to break out of this inevitable rut; of course, considering the reality of British weather there remains an innate temptation to hibernate and binge-watch your favourite series, but I urge you to resist and try your hand at something new and active instead. Something invigorating for both the body and the mind.

For me, this revelation came two years ago, when I decided to start running. Prior to that summer I simply couldn’t run to the end of my road without panting for breath. Now, running resembles therapy. I’ve never looked back; not only did it take me from lethargic to lively, it was proof that I was stronger than I could have believed. Whether you want to feel the endorphin rush of smashing a personal best, the power of lifting weights, or the euphoria of mastering a complex yoga pose, active hobbies have a distinct way of proving – to you – your own personal worth and strength.

Exercise is an energising tool, it is the storm that clears a foggy mind…

So, you might not quite be a marathon runner or body-building champion come October, but that is beside the point. Taking on a new challenge not only taught me that my body could be strong and powerful, it showed me the importance of pushing myself and taking control of my wellbeing. The pressures of student life can often feel overwhelming; perhaps exam season has left you feeling sluggish and the thought of participating in anything mildly energetic is the last thing on your agenda. But, from my experience, exercise is an energising tool, it is the storm that clears a foggy mind.

I urge you to try something new this summer, it may take a few tries to find the activity that makes you tick, but the moment you notice improvements in both your physical and mental health, you’ll realise that the two are inextricably linked. A healthy body helps to strengthen a healthy mindset, and the long summer months are the perfect time to discover this.

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