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LOCAL ELECTIONS: Conservatives take control of Warwickshire Council

The Conservative party have taken control of Warwickshire County Council, winning 36 of the 57 available seats. Labour won 10 seats, the Liberal Democrats won seven seats and the Greens held their two.

The remaining two seats went to candidates for Stratford First and Whitnash Residents Association.

No party previously had overall control of Warwickshire County Council, but the Conservatives now have an overall majority of seats.

The number of councillors was reduced during this election from 62 to 57 but this did not stop the Conservatives from gaining 10 extra seats at the expense of Labour, who lost 12.

The Liberal Democrats also lost two seats whilst UKIP, who fielded 12 candidates, won no seats.

A number of high profile figures lost their seats, including Labour group leader June Tandy and chairman of the Labour group on the council, Phil Johnson.

Johnson commented to the BBC that he had been told by people that Jeremy Corbyn’s style had: “been putting them off voting Labour.”

He added: “I think while Jeremy Corbyn’s policies are popular and can be quite well received by the public, his leadership style isn’t.”

The local parties have been contacted for comment and this article will be updated as we receive them.


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