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Green Party pledges to get rid of tuition fees

The Green Party has launched three policies aimed at university students, including scrapping tuition fees and reinstating maintenance grants.

The Party has also pledged to continue the Erasmus program after Brexit, and match the funding the EU currently provides to universities.

The policies were announced by the Party’s co-leader Jonathan Bartley and deputy leader Amelia Womack during a visit to the University of Sheffield.

Before the announcement, Bartley commented: “The Green Party is the only party standing up for students and putting young people at the heart of its campaign. Education is a right not a commodity to be bought and sold, and we need a level playing field so everyone has the chance to go to university or college.”

Bartley went on to say that students have the most to lose once Brexit take place, and subsequently the Party will aim to ensure students will continue to be able to study, work and travel across Europe.

Bartley continued: “Building a better future for young people is an absolute priority and today we are committing to policies that will help us work towards an open, fairer society where everyone has the chance to succeed.”

Rhys Hillan, a first-year Global Sustainable Development and Psychology student, remarked that the policies are good and he wants to vote for the Green Party. However, Rhys said: “I am sure they won’t get any power from these election, so I may vote for Labour in order to cancel out the Tory vote in this area.”

The Labour Party launched a petition last summer opposing the increase in tuition fees, which gained over 200,000 signatures.

The Green Party plans to compensate for the lack of tuition fees with progressive taxation which will include a rise in corporation tax for large companies.

However, legislation which will enable universities to increase tuition fees on a yearly basis is currently being pushed through parliament before the general elections.

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