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Image: Facebook / Warwick Goose

Warwick Goose announces bid for MP for Warwick and Leamington

The Warwick Goose has officially announced his candidacy to become member of parliament for the constituency of Warwick and Leamington.

The Goose, who boasts over 700 likes on Facebook, made the announcement on his page earlier this evening, simultaneously releasing a promotional video to signal the launch of his campaign.

The video features the candidate beside iconic Warwick landmark the Koan and posing alongside a number of local celebrities, including Vice-Chancellor Stuart Croft and crime-fighting duo Nick Frost and Simon Pegg (Honk Fuzz).

He has pledged to provide a strong and stable campus for local constituents.

Second-year English Literature student Lauren Hurrell commented: “There’s something on his manifesto that sounds familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

This is not the first time the Goose has run for political office. Earlier this year, The Tab reported that the infamous bird would be running for SU President, pledging to draw a line on the “human-centric bias of the Student Union.”

The Warwick Goose has previously stirred controversy with accusations of fowl play and assault, dating back to 2013 when an aggressive caucus of geese began nesting outside Lakeside and attacking passing pedestrians. The geese were also accused of holding up traffic.

However, this year the Warwick Goose appears to be running a peaceful campaign. Having set up a fundraising page, he hopes to raise the £500 deposit required to stand to become the first avian member of parliament.

The fundraiser states: “I will be running a Pro-Remain campaign, directly in opposition to the Right Honourable Gentleman, Chris White MP, who voted for the Brexit (goose) Bill. Pun intended.”

“I aim to help the University move away from Coventry, to unite the Geese and Students alike who identify as Warwick Students.”

The Warwick Goose has confirmed his candidacy to The Boar, commenting: “This is a very serious candidacy indeed. I look forward to raising many issues in the local and student areas that I feel have been neglected by those enjoying the status quo.”

“I hope there is no bias against me due to my avian form.”


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