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The Last Jedi Trailer Analysis

Looking at the first trailers for both The Force Awakens and Rogue One, the two most recent Star Wars films, it seems there now is a formula for making a great Star Wars trailer. Firstly, the use of the familiar Force theme, evoked in a triumphant orchestra in The Force Awakens and by a sombre piano in Rogue One. Accompanying this music are visuals which set up characters and depict the forces of the Dark side and the light gearing up for battle, and indeed often fighting.

The trailer for The Last Jedi follows this satisfyingly unrevealing formula. It gives us the familiar theme at its most sporadic and ultimately desperate as the title comes on-screen, while also offering us some epic visuals. Rey’s training under Luke is the focus of the trailer,  with some beautiful shots of the Scottish islands as Rey learns the ways of the force. We get to hear Mark Hamill speak, giving the trailer the gravitas it needs. We also get glimpses of the other characters, such as Po and BB-88 under attack, Finn still unconscious and even Kylo Ren, though given how he is not scarred here, it’s possible that the film will be diving into how he turned to the dark side. We also get preliminary shots of some large-scale battles both in space and on land, as well as the Millennium Falcon back in action.

Ending with a truly ominous line from Luke Skywalker, the trailer leaves fans desperate for more. The teaser for The Last Jedi does its job perfectly, it teases us for the stories and fights ahead, gives away no details of the actual plot, and is visually gorgeous, rendering it perfect for watching numerous times. The Jedi may be ending, but the hype has only just begun.

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