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Introducing Warwick Travel Society

The allure of travel is what underpins Warwick Travel Soc. Our mission is to bring people together within the university who share the travel bug, the desire to explore and to see.

The demand for a Travel Society and community of fellow travellers was evident from the very beginning of this society’s journey when the co-presidents posted about it on the Warwick University 2015-16 Freshers Page. Overnight they garnered roughly 200 signatures supporting the idea of a travel-oriented society. Since then the Travel Soc has flourished with a full board of Exec members, gained official society status, begun a travel writer’s blog, and has organised tours to Edinburgh, Scotland, Riga, and Latvia.

Warwick Travel offers students a community for those who are obsessed with travel, those who want to see the world but perhaps don’t want to dole out thousands to a tour company. Travel Soc creates a community of like-minded individuals who want to experience the world’s cultures, not just an open-bar in Magaluf.

You’ll discover different foods, ways of life, see the sights you always wanted to, and those you didn’t know existed…

You might be thinking: ‘but Warwick students do travel?’. Most sports clubs and societies venture on tours every year, and volunteering opportunities abroad seem readily available through university societies. However, there’s a difference between the opportunities and experiences on offer when comparing a Travel Soc tour to most sports tours. We have nothing against sex or sangria with your teammates, but what Travel Soc seeks to do is organise tours to culturally rich and stimulating destinations. You’ll discover different foods, ways of life, see the sights you’ve always wanted to, and those you didn’t even know existed.

Warwick Travel Soc follows to philosophy of travelling while you are young and free! 

The tours are specifically tailored to those on a student budget. Our Tour Secs work with locals to get the best group deals for the tours, weighing up accommodation and transport options. We arrange student-friendly itineraries to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. Our debut tour will be heading to Edinburgh this February for a long weekend of freedom from campus isolationism. Additionally, Warwick Travel’s first foreign tour to Riga, which is the capital of Latvia, will also be taking place at the beginning of the Easter holidays. If you consider yourself a more niche traveller, or want to discover places which are more off the beaten track, then keep your eyes open because tickets for this tour will be released soon!

Warwick Travel Soc follows the philosophy of travelling while you are young and free. University is the ideal time and age to really expand your horizons and see more of what the world has to offer outside of the Warwick bubble. What are you going to remember when looking back at your university years at Warwick: that non-assessed essay, or the week you spent in Marrakech having the time of your life with your friends?

Make some memories and join Warwick Travel today!

Make sure to follow our Facebook page Warwick Travel Society and join our Facebook group Warwick Travel for all the latest news and events. Hit that blue button on Instagram @warwicktravel to bless your timeline with some epic travel shots. To become a member just visit Warwick Travel’s page on the Warwick SU societies page or follow this link:

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