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Boar Sport Power Rankings: Varsity Special

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Relive a special #TeamWarwick weekend as we countdown the standout performances from this year’s Varsity. With so many to choose from, who will make the grade…?

Boar Sport Power Rankings

10. Men’s Squash (4-1)

Ever-reliable squash players once again dominant.

9. Women’s Netball (39-21)

Emphatic and made all the more impressive by last year’s defeat.

8. Ladies’ Hockey (4-0)

Superior in every department to put Warwick on the verge of Varsity victory.

7. Mixed Ultimate Frisbee (10-8)

Came from 8-2 down to win 10-8 – the comeback of the weekend?

6. Women’s Rugby (40-15)

Never in doubt, a crushing victory at The Place.

5. Women’s Basketball (54-21)

Last year’s fixture was close, but Cov couldn’t get near us as the three pointers rained in.

4. Men’s Futsal (11-6)

Second half victory of 7-1…enough said.

3. Men’s Basketball (89-79)

Came back from 20 points down to create an electric atmosphere in the sports centre.

2. Men’s Hockey (7-2)

The result that clinched Varsity, made all the more satisfying when Cov lost their heads.

And the winner of the first Power Rankings of 2017 is…

1. Men’s Football (2-1)

Image: Tim Nunan.

Five years of hurt were vanquished in a heroic display at the Place. It was a herculean effort from the lads and they deserved every bit of a win that will go down as one of the biggest upsets in Varsity history. In a weekend of lion performances from #TeamWarwick, surely none will have felt as momentous as this.


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