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Lecture-free Week 0 confirmed for Warwick 2018 Freshers

Following a decade of campaigning, Warwick will see the implementation of a Week 0 at the start of Term 1, taking full effect during the 2018-19 academic year.

Warwick is one of the only UK universities to not have one so far.

The campaign for a stand-alone Freshers’ Week has a been a key project for successive Sabbatical Officer teams throughout the past ten years and has been a priority for the current team.

The current Sabbatical Officer team lobbied the issue throughout Term 1, which led to the establishment of cross-faculty support for Week 0 which had not previously existed.

Last year, Warwick Students’ Union (SU) petitioned for the University to create a lecture-free Freshers’ Week, which was discussed at a management meeting compromising of senior members of the management team, heads of department and faculty board members.

Week 0 will aid students in adjusting to their move to University and is explained to better orientation around campus.

Various events will take place during the week to engage as many students as possible.

For the coming academic year, of 2017-18, interim and pilot processes will be put into place.

This year’s Sabbatical Officers commented: “We therefore want to say a massive thank you to all those students, officers and staff – both past and present – who ultimately helped to make it happen!”

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