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Pro-Choice and Mental Health Funding: All motions pass in SU Referenda vote

All seven motions in the recent Warwick Students’ Union (SU) referenda have been passed, including for a pro-choice stance on reproductive rights and for increased mental health funding.

The second All Student Meeting (ASM) of the academic year took place on Monday 6 February in the SU atrium. The event compromised of the Warwick SU Democracy Exec and allowed for debate to occur.

Following the ASM, the referenda saw 1,006 students vote with a total number of 6,350 votes being cast.

A total of seven motions were discussed at the ASM, with all being voted for and subsequently being carried forward.

One of the main motions was entitled, “Increase Funding for Metal Health Services”. It received a total of 845 votes for: “An increase in funding for both the Wellbeing Centre and for the university counselling service, and a review to examine the accessibility of the services.”

“Warwick SU for Reproductive Rights” received 777 votes for. The motion proposes to adopt a pro-choice position with the intention to support the legal rights, wellbeing and personal choice of students to choose.

“Welfare Officers in Societies and Sports Clubs”, obtained 854 votes in favour, recommending and encouraging society and sports club executives to introduce welfare officers if and offer these individuals a ‘welfare network’.

Receiving 680 votes for, “Wake Up! Let’s Tackle Sleep Deprivation”, mandates sabbatical officers to promote healthy sleeping lifestyles as well as running campaigns and lobby the university to review sleep deprivation with the aim of instilling ‘nap rooms’ or ‘sleeping pods’.

Other motions included “No smoking at the Library entrance – provide a smoking shelter!”, “On campus pharmacy Cruelty-Free Products”, and “The use of compostable cups and recyclable cups on campus”.

Recently, quorum for such votes was lowered from 5% to 2%. If the 5% quorum had still been in effect, none of the above motions would have had enough votes to pass.

In a post on Facebook, Democracy and Development Officer Becky Gittins commented: “Well done to all those who campaigned hard this week and to those who’ve voted, you’ve made your mark on SU policy.”

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