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10 Reasons Why Poetry is Better than Fiction    

As Valentine’s day is approaching, you may start thinking of ways to tell your crush how you feel about them – or perhaps just create an entertaining gift for your partner. Were you maybe thinking of writing a romantic short story? Here are 10 reasons why you should write a poem instead.

  1. They tend to be shorter. People in modern society are very busy and most of them rarely have time to read. Saying what you feel in fewer words increases the chances of your writing being immediately read.
  1. You look smart. Analysing poems is often more difficult than fiction (depending what kind of person you are), and it gives you the chance to show off your vocabulary.

  1. It is unorthodox. Modern poetry collections are uncommon, so writing a poem will stand out more.
  1. It shows effort. Writing poems is quite challenging for people who do not usually write them. Thus, writing a poem gives you the chance to show a little extra care.
  1. They can be merged into shapes. Use different spacings and lengths on each line, and you can create a work of visual art at the same time. Rules do not have to be adhered to.
  1. Grammar does not exist. Rules are meant to be broken, and poetry is the best example of that. You can make up your own words and not follow linguistic rules, and it is fine. Although, I would still ensure that there is a clear distinction between your and you’re, and their, they’re and there.
  1. They say more than they seem to do. You are never done reading a poem, as you will always find a new meaning every time you read it. Fiction, on the other hand, is read and then put away.

  1. They can fit on a postcard. Even if the person it is intended to lives in the same town, it is definitely always romantic to receive a single postcard with a poem on it.
  1. Poetry is sublime. Read Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabel Lee”, and you will see the beauty poetry is able to convey.
  1. They exist is many shapes and forms. Fiction only has a hand-full of categories; for instance a novel, a short-story or a novella. Poetry, on the other hand, exists in many different ways. For instance, through song lyrics, rap, poetry-slam, and even advertising. Many times you may be reading a poem without even realising it.

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