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Twenty percent of students regret their choice of university

According to a recent survey, 20% of students regret their choice of university and would now choose differently given the chance.

The survey, conducted by The Student Room, questioned over 1,800 university students across the country.

Lack of initial research and planning was the main reason cited by students for such disappointment. Geographical factors also played a key role, with one in eight students claiming that they had chosen a university too far from home.

When questioned further, The Student Room discovered that 18% of students also regret their degree choice.

Many of the students concluded by saying that their choice of university and degree had been influenced pressure from their parents, teachers and friends. A further 18% of students went on to claim that they felt they would have been better off pursuing an option other than university after A-Levels.

When asked about his own university choices, second-year Economics student Tristan Byrne said Warwick was definitely the right choice for him. He commented: “There are people here who genuinely care about the subjects, societies and clubs.”

He added: “My course is also the perfect degree for me – if it focused too much more heavily on maths I would be bored.”

Another anonymous student, who studies Mathematics and Physics, commented: “Warwick is 100% the right university for me, even though I didn’t realise it at the time of applying!”

However, they then went on to state that their course was not what they envisaged it to be: “If I were to choose again then I would definitely pick a course which had more practical aspects… or one that combined my passion for science and the arts.”

The Student Room’s community manager Hannah Morrish told the Telegraph that students should: “Look for courses that will give [ them ] core skills in leadership, teamwork and even basic administration to help with future employability”.

She added: “ [ Students ] shouldn’t be afraid to talk to universities and ask them very specific questions about their courses, career services and employability… It’s better to ask questions now than regret your decision later.”

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