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Anonymous poetry and notes left on food products in Cannon Park Tesco

Several extracts of poetry and short notes have been left on and around products at Tesco in Cannon Park, the local shopping centre close to Warwick University campus.

The most recent reported note left at the branch is a printed copy of the poem called ‘Bread’, written by W. S. Mervin. Mervin is an American poet who has released over 50 poetry books.

The poem begins: ‘Each face in the street is a slice of bread’, and was first published in 1993.

Alongside poems, an anonymous individual has been writing notes, and sticking them to certain products with masking tape.

Speculation has arisen regarding the individual responsible for the poems and notes, with some believing that a student at Warwick might be the perpetrator of these messages.

A few of the first notes appeared to be concerned in particular with body positivity, and were found attached to Slim Fast ‘Chunky Chocolate’ and ‘Summer Strawberry’ products.

They read: “You don’t need these chemicals” and “STOP counting calories! YOU LOOK GREAT”

Another, attached to Tesco’s own brand of ‘ultra slim’ meal replacement product, posed the question: “Is there not more to life than being ‘slim’”

More recently, there was also another note was entitled ‘Deer’, which was found on venison products for sale.

The extract opened with: “Deer are gentle and graceful and they have beautiful eyes. They hurt no one but themselves.”

It is not known if there is only one student responsible, or if the notes are being written by several people.

The mysterious notes have attracted the attention of local media, which has been reporting on their bewildering appearances in the supermarket aisles.

The Tesco branch in Coventry have been approached for comment about the strange incidents, and this article will updated with their reply.

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