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6 apps to help achieve your resolutions this new year

New Year’s resolutions feel like the worst obligatory ritual of the new year. However, with a plethora of apps, new and old, I’m hoping to ease the process this year and stick to some of the changes which I will reluctantly enforce. Here are some of the best apps I have found so far.


1. Stop, Breathe and Think 

Image: Stop, Breathe & Think

I have been using this app for a while now and, even though it has just introduced a rather irritating subscription feature, I would still recommend it wholeheartedly. Halfway between mindfulness exercises and guided meditation, different topics and themes are calmly spoken through. With options to track your mood and physical wellbeing, it’s the perfect companion if taking control of your mental and emotional wellbeing is needed in the New Year.


It’s easy to track your progress on Duolingo. Image: Jonas Nordström / Flickr

2. Duolingo

This is a classic language learning app really, but it is often overlooked by those who do not study languages. Sure if you’re studying French for your degree, then you probably already have this app and have known about it for some time. However, for people like me, it’s always worth investing in a little bit of language-learning. It’s free, there are no ads, and you can learn how to flirt in Italian. Impress your Tinder dates with some sweet foreign phrases in 2017.


3. Streaks Workout

Image: Streaks Workout

A quick disclaimer: this app isn’t free, although It was definitely worth the £2.29 I spent on it. I am not an overly active person, but the well-instructed exercises at varying difficulties are perfect for any fitness level, and could be well utilised in the gym. You can choose the length of the workout, which exercises you’d like to be included and track exactly how many of each exercise you’ve done. As suggested in the name, it works on the basis of building a daily “streak” so it’s perfect if you need the extra encouragement.


Image: Airbnb

4. AirBnB

Another classic, however it is one that has had its controversy. Despite this, the new user guidelines and harsher punishment on any discrimination is quite the comfort, at least to me. Aside from this though, the app has been streamlined and is now so easy to use I often just look through listings on trains and feed my New Year’s wanderlust. Also, the new “experience” feature is perfect for finding activities in host locations. The “place” lists are incredible for sightseeing – I’m currently eyeing up the Indie Movie Theatres list in San Francisco. Nicest of all though is the option to join an AirBnB meet up, and get together with other travellers while you’re away.


5. Hopper

Image: Hopper

Hopper can be a little bit limiting; however, it is very good at what it does. Simply put in details for a flight you’d like to take and Hopper will use past data and predictions to tell you when is best to book a flight. If you’re looking to head out into the world in 2017, it is a real must.


Keep your eye out for bears this year. Image: Bear App / Twitter

6. Bear

This new note-taking app is perfect for lecture needs. It is wonderfully simple to use and very similar to the pre-installed iOS Notes app, but with some notable improvements. Firstly, it’s free, so you won’t be paying anything extra for this great little addition unless you want the premium features. The headings are much clearer in the Bear app, and it is far easier to put text into bold, italics or underline than in iOS Notes. Additionally, you can add tags anywhere in the note which then collate your documents into different groups in the side bar. This makes grouping lecture and seminar notes so much simpler. If you need to get organised in the New Year with your academic work like me, then this app will do wonders.


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