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My Travel Bucket List

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[dropcap] W [/dropcap] ith the new University year officially being underway (and everyone being swamped by work already), I’ve been dreaming about getting away – even if just to escape all the reading I have! This has got me thinking about all the different places I want to see in the world – and trust me, there are a lot. So without further ado, here’s my travel bucket list:

1) Iceland:

Ever since I read Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights, I’ve dreamt about seeing the Northern Lights. Why not do it in Iceland? There’s so much else to see and experience there, that “aurora borealis”  would just be an added bonus! From the famous Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon, to the black sand beaches and the colourful capital, there’s a lot to tick off in Iceland alone.  Iceland’s prices might be a problem for now, but one day I’ll make it there.

2) The Atacama Desert, Chile:

I’m not sure there is anywhere I’m more excited to go than Chile. Although the Atacama Desert is the driest place on the planet (which might make people think it’s boring), there are so many wonderful things to experience in this surprisingly diverse place. You probably haven’t heard about its flamingos, volcanoes, geysers and the Valley of the Moon. They all, apparently, look stunning!

Flickr / A.Duarte

3) Hallstatt, Austria:

Hallstatt is widely considered one of the prettiest lake-side towns in the world. After seeing photos of it, I’ve been determined to make it there. Although it’s quite difficult to get to (and as a result, tourists often skip seeing it), the further off the beaten track, the better, in my opinion. The beautiful town and stunning surroundings will be worth the effort!

4) Machu Picchu, Peru:

It’s probably a slight cliché but, in my opinion, Machu Picchu should be on anyone’s bucket list.  I have been in wonder of it ever since I studied Pablo Neruda’s poem, The Heights of Machu Picchu. There are several options for getting there, including a one day hike, the Inca Trail trek and by train. This one would be worth visiting at the same time as Chile – perhaps a tour around South America is called for? 

5) Route 66, Road Trip:

While this one isn’t strictly a single place, it definitely can be considered as a “travel bucket list” destination. I’ve been looking into road tripping across America and Route 66 really gives you a diverse view of the country. Starting in Chicago and ending in L.A., with stops along the way including the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. This trip would tick off lots of destinations from my bucket list all in one go. Road trips definitely give you the freedom to travel at your own pace and seem like a fantastic way of visiting the States.

Flickr / Vicente Villamón

So there we have it, my travel bucket list condensed down to 5 destinations. Now, time to start working through it!

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