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Clickbait Corner: The Best and Worst Alolan Pokémon

The upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon take place in the Alola region, loosely based on Hawaii. The region’s climate has caused some classic pokemon to adapt – with varying success.




Fabulous even in the artistically-challenged days of Gen 1, Alolan Ninetales has adopted a stunning icy aesthetic in keeping with its new alpine habitat.


So graceful, so elegant; Ninetales can never look bad. Image Credit: Bulbapedia


Christ knows how or why, but apparently something in Alola not only granted Raichu a second type – Psychic – but also granted it the ability to fly, which is pretty handy.

Image Credit: Bulbapedia

Clearly Raichu’s been catching some sick waves on the Alola islands. Image Credit: Bulbapedia


Cubone and Marowak have always been metal as fuck, but this new guy sets fire to his bone using his own head.


Marowak appears to be going through that angsty, teen emo phase we all go through. Image Credit: Bulbapedia




Just look at it. From the sleek and elegant original to “I think I just ate a wasp”.


Christ… Persian looks like it’s just woken up from a rough night out at Smack. Image Credit: Bulbapedia


Sure he looks happy, but I’ll bet he won’t be feeling so smart when he tries to get through his first door.


A creature this deformed should not be this happy. Did it fall into a cigar roller or something? Image Credit: Bulbapedia


Points for trying, but those dodgy hair-pieces are just a little too reminiscent of a certain presidential candidate.


Okay, this is just plain lazy. A tan and and a fresh trim doesn’t count as a transformation. Image Credit: Bulbapedia

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