Quiz: which literary society is perfect for you

Not sure which of the many literature-related societies on campus to join? Take our quick quiz to find the perfect one for you!

Do you have a favourite author? 

Shakespeare, obviously!

I write more than I read

I like a bit of everything, really

I really enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction written by other students


What are you looking for in a literature based society?

The opportunity to write as much as possible and share ideas with others

To find a social and supportive group of like-minded people

To get to read other people’s work, edit and format it

To be involved in something dedicated to the best playwright ever!


How do you feel about performing?

I’d rather watch other people perform through organised trips to the theatre

I love it, all the world’s a stage!

I prefer writing my own stuff to performing someone else’s

I’d rather edit an article than perform a script


Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Still reading Shakespeare and pretending I’m Hamlet

Doing something related to literature but I’m not quite sure yet

Hopefully writing and editing some creative work

I’m going to be the next JK Rowling! Watch this space


Mostly Blue: Writing Society

Warwick Writing Society (WriSoc) provides budding writers with the perfect opportunity to relax and explore their creativity. It does not matter whether or not you have written before; WriSoc’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere gives university students of all years the chance to share their own pieces of writing.


Mostly Purple: Literature Society

LitSoc is perfect for anyone who loves reading, books, culture or the literary world! On the academic side, we run aid sessions to help students with essays, note taking and revision while also hosting “Curiositea Catchups” which allow students to talk through any issues they may have.

Lit Soc events are a great way to recover from the stresses of uni work, with events such as a weekly themed circle, a packed Lit Week, barcrawls, the infamous Lit and Lang ball, quizzes and a foreign tour to Amsterdam.


Mostly Green: Cobalt Magazine

Make your first year at university count by joining Warwick’s very own specialised creative arts magazine. Submissions include creative writing, comment pieces, photography, lifestyle articles and so much more! There are also a range of workshops available throughout the year. Whether you are interested in producing creative content or fascinated by editing and formatting, Cobalt is the society to be part of this year.


Mostly Red: Shakespeare Society

At the University of Warwick Shakespeare Society, we are both an academic and a performance society. What that means is that unlike the other theatre societies, we also run a number of discussions and workshops surrounding various aspects of The Bard and his contemporaries. We encourage our members to submit their own productions, be it a classic interpretation or something wildly different. We also have a termly “Sh!tf@ced Shakespeare” where our members can even enjoy Shakespeare while they party on! If it can be linked to Shakespeare, we’ll be there to support it.

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