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Warwick Game design society is one of the only university game design societies in the country and we’re one of the most active groups of this nature in the Midlands. We love games (evidenced by how often the word will come up in this article) and as a society we aim to provide you with a support network to create your own, from start to finish. Each year we introduce many new members to the exciting and creative world of game development, through our series of talks, workshops, game jams and attendance at game events.

Don’t worry if you’ve yet to make a game (I still haven’t and I’ve been a part of the society for 2 years); we’re open to anyone and there’ll always be something for you to do!

Many of our members have secured internships and jobs at mid-sized and AAA studios

We host at least two events per week, with our most popular being the bi-weekly talks given from industry developers, covering topics ranging from programming to art to marketing. Our speakers work at well known companies based all over the country and many are based in the local gaming hub in Leamington spa. These include: Playground Games, Arch Creatives and Exient. If you’re particularly passionate about a subject and want to tell everyone about it then we have lightning talks where you’re given 15 minutes to talk about anything game development related. It’s always a great learning experience.

Given that our focus is on development, we hold open workshop sessions on Wednesdays where you can bring concepts or active projects that you’re working on and we can provide help or give constructive feedback. These sessions are also complimented by games jams and competitions.


Warwick Game Design attend a range of games conventions nationally. Maybe internationally too one day? Image credit: Vancouver Film School/Flickr

We take part in pre-established competitions such as the Ludum Dare and Global Game Jam, but we also hold our own 48 hour game jams where you can practice key skills you’ve learnt through our talks and workshops, as well as sleeplessly consume large quantities of pizza. If that’s not enough, we also offer members two weeks to make a game on a theme of our choosing. Previous themes have included: monochrome, retro and growth. Any game you’ve made whilst here can be uploaded to our website and presented at our showcases to the rest of the society.

Such practice is extremely useful if you’re thinking about get a job in the development side of games. This year we’re excited to launch the careers arm of the society. We’ll be holding career specific talks and have made a Facebook page where we post the latest work experience and job openings, as well as useful resources and contacts to help you get started.

Warwick Game design society is one of the only university game design societies

It’s already garnered a following, with industry professionals posting too. During term 2 we hold a large ‘get into the games industry’ event with the Warwick Careers and Skills service. We invite people in a variety of roles from development and business to a panel to tell you what a life in the industry is really like and what you can do to be a part of it. Through such events and our support, many of our members have secured internships and jobs at mid-sized and AAA studios, whilst others have become successful indie developers.

But, it’s not always business. Every Thursday, after a talk or showcase we head to a local pub for a few drinks. We also host gaming socials every term, which is great way to blow off steam and forget about your responsibilities. We book out a big room on campus and it gets really competitive so bring your A game. If we’re not meeting up on campus we’ll head over to indie and industry events such as EGX, the UK Interactive Entertainment student (UKIE) and Women in Games conferences, which are a great place for networking and meeting those working in your possible dream role.


From art assets to level design to pizza supply, Warwick Game Deign has got you covered. Image Credit: Vancouver Film School/Flickr

This year we have all of the above planned but we’re attempting to go even bigger. We’ll be holding talks discussing things like identity in games and industry expectations as well as hosting events and game jams with other societies. Our workshops will be tailored to your needs and you’ll get the chance to head to some awesome events with us.

If this sounds like your thing, follow us on our Facebook and Twitter (@WGDSoc) to keep up to date with what we’re getting up to.

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