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Bike theft on campus: 44 stolen last year

Forty-four bicycles were stolen from Warwick campus last academic year, a Freedom of Information request by the Boar has revealed.

The news comes after Warwick was named the 8th safest campus in the UK, ranked by crime levels.

Of the 152 bike stands on campus, only 19 are covered by panning CCTV cameras and 3 are covered by fixed cameras, the University told the Boar.

University security returned 6 of the 44 bikes to their owners.

The Triathlon and Road Cycling Society said: “The figure [of 44 thefts] is high and shows more should be done to prevent bike theft on campus.”

Meanwhile Ted Crowson, Sports Officer at Warwick SU, said: “The number of stolen bikes last year highlights the need for us all to be aware of our surroundings on campus.”

The number of stolen bikes last year highlights the need for us all to be aware of our surroundings on campus.

Ted Crowson, Warwick SU’s Sports Officer

A spokesman for the University, said: “The University takes bike theft seriously and conducts sting operations to catch and prevent thieves. We strongly recommend that students use D-Locks to protect their bikes, which the University provides for free.”

Bicycles are a lucrative option for thieves as many students use thin locks which can be broken easily.

However the University, in conjunction with local police, offers a free service where students can register their bicycles and receive a free D-lock.

There have been bike registration services running on campus since term started. The next session is from 12-2pm on Thursday November 3 outside the library.

The following services are from 12-2pm on November 17 at the Medical school, and November 17 outside the library.

Students can also register their bikes on, then pick up free D-locks from the porters lodges in the Zeeman building, Humanities, and Social Sciences.


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