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Netflix releases the first A Series of Unfortunate Events teaser

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Netflix, the love/bane of my existence, are renowned for creating some of the greatest TV series… Now they’ve decided to make Lemony Snickets, A Series of Unfortunate Events into a series.

Now, growing up as an awkward 90’s kid, there are some books you treasure for your entire life. They become ingrained in your personality and later life – the ‘Unfortunate’ series had this effect on me.

From Violet’s inventing skills, to Klaus’s intelligence and Sunny’s ability to chew through almost anything, the Baudelaires helped me understand that I could be quirky, intelligent and cool just like them. Not only was I rooting for their happiness time and time again, but I also found myself tying back my hair with a ribbon – à la Violet – when reading, immersed in Snicket’s world.

My expectations for this show are incredibly high

I’ll admit, my expectations for this show are incredibly high. I expect a villainous Count Olaf with a hideous yet equally charming face, three witty children with unbelievable snazzy gifts, including imagination, intelligence and just down right cuteness. I want the show to follow the plot of the novels, but to avoid amalgamating a couple of books into one pilot show.

I would much rather appreciate a slow and steady movement into the different plots of each novel, the twists leading into different episodes. I’m expecting huge, heart-breaking cliffhangers (I really can’t wait). Honestly, I expect great things from this series.

From the teaser trailer, Netflix seem to have understood the Lemony Snicket imagination – marvellous, mysterious wonder really does make for the best temptation. I bet you’re wondering what exactly was weirdly wonderful about the teaser? The teaser of the show was exactly what I’d imagined A Series of Unfortunate Events teaser clip to be…

We were shown a single famous narrator on a set talking about the series. There were no other references to the actual show, and with only one man’s narration, Netflix let our imaginations run wild.

Netflix let our imaginations run wild

It was pure and utter confusion mixed with mystery, tempting the reader in true Snicket style. The Baudelaire orphans are once again taking the media by storm and they’ve yet to even appear in the teaser.

It’s time for us all to reminisce and go back to time where murder, mystery and adventure captivated our minds and we empathised and rooted for the Baudelaires. You have us hooked, Netflix: let’s see if you can keep us captivated with marvel, murder and mystery.


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