Image: University of Warwick Aerobics Club

Why you should join Aerobics

The University of Warwick Aerobics Club has a little bit of everything. If you fancy getting fit but aren’t into the competitive side of sport then this club could be for you- club president Lauren Thompson tells us more…


Image: University of Warwick Aerobics Club


We have a wide range of classes for all abilities, whether you love dancing around at Zumba, cycling hard at studio cycle or getting a full body work out at Legs, Bums and Tums.


With Warwick Aerobics you can get fit while having fun. Come along to a class with friends and get active to great music with amazing instructors.

No Commitment

As we are a non-competition club, you can get all the benefits of a sports club without the pressure and commitment of training and competition. You can go to all the sports socials and stay fit and active without making a huge, time consuming commitment.

Meet amazing people

You will make amazing friends by attending classes and coming along to our socials. We have so many lovely members and a friendly exec making aerobics club a great group to get involved with.


Image: University of Warwick Aerobics Club


Being part of Warwick Aerobics means you can come to all of our socials. From meals to bar crawls, sports ball and BBQ’s. As well as all of this, we run circles most weeks where the club gets together by playing games and preparing for the biggest night of the week; POP! It’s always a fab night for all.





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