Remington Spa – ‘This is not how to make Warwick SU Great’

I decided to run for President, because I didn’t think that anybody else was good enough for the job. Warwick SU has ceased to be a body to be taken seriously. Protesting by blocking busses is the action of those who are not skilled enough negotiators to maturely represent students and work with the university management to bring about effective change for students.

The rallying cry of ‘Make Warwick SU Great Again’ so resonated with students because the vast majority agree that ‘Warwick SU is a bit rubbish’. Students are so badly engaged by the SU that under 25% even bothered to turn out to vote while the eventual winner, Mr Pilot, received under 10% of votes from all students in the first round. Hardly representing ‘all students’.

That my so-called ‘joke’ campaign received almost a third of all votes demonstrates that many people yearn for something new. This could be one of a few things. Perhaps people want a President who doesn’t take themselves, or the SU, so seriously.

That my so-called ‘joke’ campaign received almost a third of all votes demonstrates that many people yearn for something new

Perhaps they want a President who only talks about bringing down capitalism as a joke. Or perhaps they simply want a President who recognises that the SU should focus on delivering value and quality services rather than as a vehicle for petty politics.

Ultimately I am proud of what we achieved with this campaign. Despite of (or maybe because of) my total lack of cardboard signs, many saw me as the best, the funniest and the most serious candidate. My campaign was above politics and the team was made up exclusively of people who had barely set foot in SUHQ, let along been involved with it.

Ultimately I am proud of what we achieved with this campaign

I’d like to think that it will send a message to the SU establishment that some things need to change. However I fear that many in the new Sabb team are too ideologically dogmatic to take heed. This is not how to Make Warwick SU Great Again.

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  • Alright mate don’t break your arm trying to jack yourself off. You weren’t that special.

  • You do realise that the people who voted for you, only did so as a joke? The rallying cry on the racist, lgbtphobic and sexist hellhole that is Warwick YikYak, privileged your candidacy on either sheer ludicrousness or just apathetic banter.
    The majority of the student body who voted, did so for left wing candidates, committed to abolishing prevent, improving mental health care, working for real, tangible campus specific tasks like 24hour library and printer credits, whilst also seeing the SU as a body that can speak about the wider issues.

    The Tories seem to think of these tasks as mutually exclusive. That if the SU comes out in support of Palestine, for some reason, it cannot come and help students on its own campus? This is scaremongering, sensationalist nonsense.

    And let’s return to the buses. Buses were warned about disruption and thanked protestors for this. At the same time protest is about disruption. From civil rights movements, to rent strikes – these tactics aim to disrupt in order to achieve their aims. Luke has showed dedication to students on campus by protesting against the cuts to maintenance grants that are going to adversely affect the most vulnerable students down the line. You said that he was not a ‘skilled’ negotiator – who is there to negotiate with? After disrupting the Finance Office, Stuart Croft agreed to come and meet us, and set a precedent for future meetings – but this would not have happened had we sent the polite letter central to your liberal fantasy.

    Ultimately, I am very confident in all of the SU Sabb’s this year. Had you not previously supported Prevent and justified colonialism, perhaps your campaign would have been funny. But you wear Trump’s hat without a shred of irony or self-awareness.

  • Ideological dogmatist

    You’re such a nonce

  • Article semi-parodying how seriously the political cliques take themselves is attacked by political clique. Shocker.

  • What’s a semi-parody? I expect everyone to act seriously against colonial apologists.

  • Most Warwick Students

    Who are you?

  • No sense of humour + making buses late and telling students that disruption is for their own good + endlessly talking about problems half way around the world = The Warwick Left

  • Ross, you had your chance to present the argument that ‘the Warwick Left’ represent a tiny minority and indeed you ran on a platform that offered students the opportunity to ‘take our SU back’ and completely ‘depoliticise’ it. If I remember correctly, you came last, with something like 10% of the vote. Your failed attempts to isolate the progressive elements at Warwick as a tiny illegitimate minority have only exposed you as the real radical minority with little support among the students. I’m surprised you’re still going on about it.

  • Remington Spa got more votes than Hope for Education

    Allahu Akbah!

  • fml the post reply on this site is balls

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