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News nuggets – lollipop men and later buses

The University of Buckingham have brought sniffer dogs onto campus to reinforce their ‘zero-policy’ tolerance to drugs. The University’s vice-chancellor, Sir Anthony Seldon, has said that use of illegal drugs are large factor in mental health issues.

There will be regular sniffer dog patrols on campus, serving a duel purpose – less tolerance of drugs, and continual doggy destress days, though with less puppies.


A £3.4 million research programme has been announced between Warwick, Edinburgh, and Daresbury lab. The research involved could produce applications such as heat transferal equal to ‘cooling the surface of the sun’. The grant is enough for 25 years of research and eight doctoral scholarships. That puts Nigel Thrift’s wage into perspective.


More lollipop men and women are needed in Leamington and Kenilworth, it has recently been announced.

Warwickshire council are looking for full time and ‘relief ’ lollipop humans to aid children in crossing roads. The council have said that the lollipop people are important in keeping children safe.

So for all you arts students out there looking for a job, theirs a worthwhile role not too far away.


The Shakespeare First Folio will soon be on display at St Mary’s Church in Warwick.

The 1623 text is a loan from the Victoria and Albert museum in London, used to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the poet’s death. This will be joined by a King James Bible from 1611 from Cambridge University.

They have been dubbed as “two of the most influential books”. The anniversary of the poet’s death will be celebrated between the 14th of April and 21st of June, with an opening ceremony by Dame Judi Dench.


Later buses will be used in Term 3 to accommodate the new 24/7 library hours. These additional late-night services will continue throughout the next academic year.

An additional eight new buses will be available. This has come after over 200 complaints to the Students’ Union (SU) in October, with a campaign led by SU president Isaac Leigh.


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