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Editors Letter – ‘An arrogant goodbye entirely about me’

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n about week 4 of Term 1 this year, I randomly decided to apply to become deputy comment editor here at the Boar. I didn’t actually like the newspaper, but I figured it would look good on my CV.

I’d written several angry rants for the previous comment editors, including Hiran and Nour. Hiran actually once said to me, after I got the position, that he’d never actually wanted to meet me because I sounded like such a prick.

And in fairness I am, but regardless, I still somehow got the job. I still write angry articles, but now I do it with some degree of validity and a level of power-hungriness that is almost certainly not healthy.

I’d written several angry rants for the previous comment editors

I’ve not really changed as a person in the last few months. I’ve not grown more reasonable or more moral, and I certainly haven’t become less argumentative. I’m still a control freak perfectionist, which is perhaps good for the section, but definitely isn’t for the people around me.

I’ve been at the Boar for a total of fourteen weeks, at varying levels of editorship. And while I may not have changed, my opinions have. It’s not just limited to the newspaper either – I’ve come to realise that all media, all student media, is important.

While I may not have changed, my opinions have

Words are power. It’s a simple fact that I think has started to define my overarching life philosophy. Actions change the world, but all actions come from words. Being an editor has made me think that the role, for me, is far more important that just writing silly angry rants for three years.

The ability to give other people a platform is something that is incredibe, and in a lot of ways, very moving.

Words are power

We’ve published so many beautiful, personal articles this year, such as Nour’s editors letter on the Paris attacks, the vulnerable students issue, and many articles on the topics of mental health, sexual violence and other subjects pertinent to students.

But, for me, the people here have become my family. Where I left friends behind, friends took their place. The Boar has saved my life. It’s given me a purpose where previously I had none, given me a channel to help people in a more productive and wide-reaching way.

The people here have become my family

I don’t believe I’m a good person. I’m morally grey, like everyone – that’s why it’s my favourite colour. As I said earlier, I’m a prick – but thank you to everyone, to this entire paper, for helping me. I’m proud and honoured to have joined.

I’m proud of the people I work with, and I’m especially proud of my writers. Basically, goodbye. It’s been a great few weeks, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Peace out.


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