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BREAKING: Fire breaks out in Rootes accommodation

A bedroom in Rootes has caught fire this afternoon (8 March 2016), allegedly because of use of incense inside the room. Fire fighters and police quickly attended the scene.

The fire set off the alarm at around 4:20, with posts across Facebook, Twitter and Yik Yak.

An anonymous source said: “I came out of my room to smoke pouring out the room, it was really scary.

“No-one expects it to be real, you all think its burnt toast or something, until we saw all the smoke down the corridor.”

This is the second fire in a month’s period, after the fire in Westwood just under two weeks ago.

This time, however, it was potentially due to student negligence rather than faulty appliances.

The fire was allegedly caused when incense burning in a room caused the curtains to set alight. The incense was extinguished, but not properly, causing the fire to spread.

The blaze was clearly visible from the window of the room, attracting several passers-bye. Burning incense or candles in university accommodation is forbidden.

The block of Rootes was evacuated, with fire fighters attending the scene and quickly putting out the fire.

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