Praying for Paris: Hundreds of Warwick students show support for Paris

Hundreds of Warwick students gathered on the piazza at 11am this morning for a minute’s silence in light of the recent attacks in Paris.

Warwick students turned out in their hundreds Photo: Sophie Cowling

Warwick French Speaking society organised the event to reflect on the terrorist attacks that happened in Paris on Friday 13 November.

The society led the event by lighting candles in the centre of the piazza and holding up a French flag. Students also held up letters which spelt out, ‘Praying for Paris’.

The French speaking society held up a French flag and spelt out ‘Praying for Paris’ Photo: Sophie Cowling

After the minute of silence, some students began singing La Marseillaise, the French national anthem. The event ended with a round of applause.

Jennie Watkin, a third-year Ancient History student commented: “It was touching to see such a large number of students gather to show their concern for the people of Paris.”

‘It was touching to see such a large number of students gather’ Photo: Billy Perrigo

She added: “It’s also important that we show respect for Lebanon, Kenya and all other areas which are affected by violence.”

After the event, Warwick French Speaking society posted on their Facebook page: “Thank you all for coming today and joining us for the minute of silence. As The University of Warwick stood united, so did thousands of others all across Europe to honour the victims of last week’s attacks in Paris and other terrorised locations. #PrayForParis #PrayForHumanity”


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