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Warwick sees lowest academic dropout rate in years

A recent Freedom of Information request by the Boar has revealed that just 3% of first year students withdrew from their course in the 2014/15 academic year.

This represents 139 students out of the 4,593 first year undergraduates who enrolled at the University last year.

The most common reason for withdrawing was ‘personal reasons’, which was the reason provided by the University for 51 students, for about 34% of first year withdrawals.

Other reasons for withdrawal from study included restarting (32%), transferring to another university (7%), academic failure (7%) and health reasons (6%).

Lowest fail rates in four years

Statistics from the University also revealed that first year withdrawal due to academic failure was the lowest it had been over the past four years.

Last year just 11 Freshers failed to keep up Warwick’s academic standard. This marked just 0.2 percent of Warwick’s first year population.

In the previous 2013/14 academic year 0.7%, three times as many Freshers, parted ways with Warwick due to poor academics.

The Boar also asked the University for a department breakdown of University withdrawals. However the University declined this information, stating that in almost all departments less that 5 students withdrew, which could lead to individuals being easily identified.


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