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Thrifty Cook Book Free For Freshers

Warwick has released a cookery book, bringing together recipes from academics and students working alongside the vice-chancellor’s wife, Lynda Thrift.

Simple Scoff: The Anniversary Edition is aimed primarily at students, and offers cheap, simple recipes and cooking tips from around the university.

The book, published as part of the University’s 50th anniversary celebrations, will be handed out to freshers for free upon their arrival this term as part of their welcome packs.

It will also go on sale at the university book shop, with proceeds going to the Warwick in Africa and Warwick in India projects.

Put together by Rebecca Earle of the University’s History department, the book is an update of Simple Scoff, which was first published in 1972 by the University of Warwick Student Union and Lady Doris Butterworth, the wife of the University’s first vice-chancellor.

The book will be launched with a live cooking demonstration at the ‘Festival of Imagination’ on 17 October 2015 at 18:45 in the Studio of Warwick Arts Centre.

It is intended that the book will aid students in eating healthily.

The illustrations and poems that also feature in the book were contrib- uted by former students and staff such as BBC media correspondent Torin Douglas.

In being published almost fifty years of the original, Simple Scoff: The Anniversary Edition reflects changes in culinary tastes. For example, over half of the new recipes are vegetarian or ve- gan.


Nigel ‘does a mean chilli con carne’ – Mrs Thrift

The Boar spoke to Lynda Thrift, wife of Warwick’s vice-chancellor Professor Sir Nigel Thrift, about her involvement in the project and Nigel’s domestic skills:

Why did you decide to get involved with Simple Scoff?

I got involved for many reasons. The first was that it provided a means for people across all the walks of Warwick life to come together with a common interest. That it was in our 50th year makes it all the more special.

Secondly, having read through the original tome from the 1970s, I could see that it was going to be fascinating to see how we have changed regarding our food tastes and techniques in the kitchen.

Thirdly, I thought it was a simply brilliant plan to give a copy of the published book to every fresher as they arrive. Hopefully it will help them to settle in more quickly.

Finally, as there are going to be additional copies available, the pro- ject gives us a chance to sell them to raise money for our two outreach projects, Warwick in India and Warwick in Africa.

What’s your favourite recipe in the book and why?

The book feels to be like a (very) large family – it’s impossible to have a favourite!

Does Nigel cook much at home?

Nigel cooks when he can.

If so, what’s his speciality dish?

He does a mean chilli con carne.


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