Second Warwick student hit by a car on campus this week

Another student has been hit by a car on Warwick’s campus.

The student was hit by the car on Gibbet Hill Road, by the Warwick Business school building, this evening shortly before 6pm.

However, the student has admitted that the accident happened as she had not left sufficient time to cross the road safely.

Three police cars and two ambulances attended the scenePhoto: Connor O’Shea

Three police cars and two ambulance vehicles attended the scene.

The student has been taken to hospital, but it is believed that her injuries are not life threatening.

Peter Dunn told the Boar that traffic was probably moving slower than the 20mph speed limit on the road and said: “queues were building.”

He added: “The driver was not at fault. The student said herself that she had not left enough time to cross to the central reservation in the face of the oncoming traffic.”

The accident follows an incident earlier in the week when another female student was hit by a car outside the Rootes Grocery Store.

That incident also happened as a result of the student not paying attention to the road as she was using her mobile phone.

The accidents happened on some of Warwick’s new ‘shared space’ roads, which have no clear road markings.

The idea of these shared space roads is that there is no priority for any one group, be it pedestrians or motorists.This lack of priority is said to result in drivers reducing their speed.

However, following the two incidents, students and Sabbatical officers are calling for the University to review the ‘shared space’ roads on campus.

What do you think, should Warwick review the shared space road system?


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