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Navigating societies fair

Ask anybody who’s been to university, joining societies is essential to your university experience. Because we have more societies than any other UK university, there are more opportunities than ever to try new things! But in the midst of all the drinking, socialising and the occasional learning during first week, you find yourself at Societies fair. But where do you start as you’re being bombarded by leaflets and free food?

Academic Societies

First of all, you’re going to want to find your course’s corresponding society. Every course at Warwick has one, and it’s the perfect way to make friends on your course and to get more involved with your de- partment.

Sports Clubs

With over 60 sports clubs available at Warwick, there’s your traditional sports such as football, netball, lacrosse, cricket and swimming and the more unconventional such as dodgeball, ultimate Frisbee and ice hockey. They’re a great way to stay active and to have a lot of fun, and they’re the best way to get introduced to the infamous Warwick tradition of circling!

Cultural & Religious Societies

If you find yourself a little out of the water after moving to a new place all on your own, you may find it helpful to be around people from a similar background to yourself. Warwick has tons of cultural societies to cater for students of all nationalities, ethnicities and religions – there’s everything from the award-winning African-Caribbean society, to the Islamic Society and Christian Union. There’s even a Northern Society (for those of us from the top half of the country who don’t understand why everyone at Warwick calls their third meal of the day ‘dinner’, instead of ‘tea’).

Charity & Campaigning Societies

If you have a thirst for politics, you’ll be pleased to find that most of the main political parties are represented with their own societies here at Warwick. There are also other societies which focus on political issues, such as Friends of Palestine and Warwick Against Hunger, and there are also charitable societies such as the Animal Ethics Society and the Kenyan Orphan Project, as well as Warwick Raising and Giving (RAG) Society which is one of the biggest on campus. Joining a charitable society will give you loads of opportunities for fundraising and international/national challenges such as climbing Kilimanjaro, or doing a sponsored bike ride.

Music & Performance

Warwick has loads of music and performance based societies for you to let out your creative side, and they can be some of the best fun you have while at university. Fancy yourself as the next Jimmy Carr? Join the Comedy Society. Play an instrument? There’s Big Band for that. Bit of a poet? Try poetry slamming. Fancy some dancing? We’ve got breakdancing, salsa, belly dancing and Argentine tango, amongst others.

Out of the Box

There are many other interesting societies at Warwick too, such as Harry Potter, FIFA, Jane Austen, Cheese & Chocolate, Juggling, and many more. With so much on offer, you’ll find it hard to not find something that interests you.

New and Small Societies

New societies are created each year at Warwick so make sure you don’t miss out! Keep updated on Warwick’s new and small societies on our Facebook page ‘Boar Features’ where we will be profiling some of Warwick’s ‘Young, Fresh and New’ societies!


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