Good fats and Human behaviour: Festival of the Imagination

Louisa Middleton visited the Festival of the Imagination at Warwick, she went to find out about the good and the bad when it comes to fats as well as why people act and think the way they do. She went to ‘Fats: the good the bad and the Ugly’ as well as ‘Why we do what we do’.

For food lovers everywhere, the phrase ‘good fats’ is the most delectable oxymoron you could wish for.

The simple fact is: we need fats – the key is knowing the good from the bad and the ugly!

When I asked what students could do to stay healthy whilst at university, Dr Philip McTernan suggested changing the source of the calories you consume, rather than decreasing the volume.

He suggested using more vegetables in your meals, or switching to good fats such as avocado oil.

The interactive, entertaining and fact packed presentation culminated with Adam Bennett, a Michelin star chef from the Cross restaurant in Kenilworth, whipping up avocado and chocolate ice cream, which was delicious.

From someone who now knows, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it – it’s definitely given me food for thought.


Have you ever wondered why people act and think the way they do, or how this can be manipulated and explained by science?

Edward Gardiner, the Behavioural Design lead in Warwick Business School, took the audience through the tangled web of human reasoning.

Through a combination of optical illusions, interactive dilemma situations and quick decision making tasks, the talk demonstrated the power of behavioural shaping, including a discussion of new approaches to social issues, such as the introduction of Pop up Parks in city centres.

It offered an analytical insight into how human behaviour deviates from normative models, but also begged the question: are we holding ourselves up to standards of behaviour that are unachievable?

Guy Redmond, Ally Coats and Rose Cox, Warwick alumni from intake years 1971-1972, spoke to the Boar. They had been to many events at this year’s festival, they said: “The content was superb” and a the festival was a perfect opportunity to “have a great time with great friends” they have known since their time at Warwick.


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