#Whatif the fridge said no – Spoof twitter account mocks Uni

A Twitter account, going by the handle @warwicktone, has been set up as a spoof of Warwick University’s recent rebranding.

As part of the Uni’s new brand, Warwick has issued a set of guidelines about Warwick’s tone of voice. These guidelines give instructions to staff on how to sound ‘Warwick’, by using language designed to show the many possibilities that are said to come from studying at Warwick.

Founders of @warwicktone were less than impressed with the University’s new ‘tone of voice’, questioning the need for an institution like a university to include it in their guidelines.

This infamous question, is one example of Warwick’s tone guidelines at work

@warwicktone told the Boar: “The twitter account is to have some fun with the idea that a university should have a ‘tone of voice’ guide.”

“Deliciously ridiculous”

The mysterious @warwicktone, who is not a student at Warwick, added that the University’s slogans are “deliciously ridiculous”.

Upon unveiling the rebrand, the University ran a line of adverts under a theme titled “#definitelypossible”, all using the now infamous hashtag “#Whatif”. One instance was a poster displayed at Birmingham airport asking the question, “#Whatif the fridge said no?”

The Boar asked @warwicktone what if their fridge said “no”. They told us: “The world in which I own a talking fridge is so distant from our own I’m not sure anything about it is relevant to how we live our lives or run our universities.”

Check out @warwicktone on twitter and let us know what you think.

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