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Warwick to host The Festival of the Imagination in October

The Warwick Arts Centre and Warwick University campus is hosting the upcoming Festival of Imagination in October.

The Festival – described by the University of Warwick as the “centrepiece of our 50th anniversary celebrations” – will take place at various locations throughout campus on the 16th-17th October 2015.

The festival will incorporate a range of educational, cultural and fun events, with activities and attractions ranging from interactive science experiments in The Discovery Zone at Butterworth Hall, to a food market, live music and entertainment stage in the Piazza.

The schedule kicks off with “The Festival of the imagination Show”, where a number of speakers and performers from the weekend will join former BBC Correspondent and Warwick Alumni, Torin Douglas, and other special guests to launch the festival.

A packed schedule then follows, with talks, debate and performances on a range of subjects; many of them sporting intriguing titles such as “Robot Apocalypse… Now or Never?”.

Photo: Amanda Slater / Flickr

There will also be an outreach programme incorporated into the Festival, seemingly to strengthen Warwick’s existing links and bonds with local schools.

Before the public opening of the festival, Year 6 students from schools across Coventry and Warwickshire will have the opportunity to: meet top academics from Warwick University, attend a series of talks on subjects ranging from robots and rocket science, to human sociology, and to have the first visits to the interactive Discovery Zone.

For Warwick Alumnus Dr Anthony Nash, the highlight is a series of demonstrations around sustainability and food science, which will be taking place on the lawn in front of Senate House.

Dr. Nash also commented: “[The Festival will be…] a showcase, a kind of show and tell”. He believes it is a great way of commemorating the University’s 50th Anniversary.

However, when asked about their thoughts on the festival, most of the interviewed students and alumni were unaware of it.
One second-year student in particular stated: “I had no idea this was occurring. If it is a centrepiece of the celebrations, why is it not being better advertised and sold to us, as the students this University relies on?”

Booking is recommended for a number of the lectures and events and whilst many are free to attend, others will incur a small cost. Full details of the schedule can be found here.

Meanwhile, visitor information and details of how to get involved can be found at the Festival of Imagination webpage here.

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