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Facebook Group: The University of Warwick AEROBICS Club

Facebook Socials: Warwick Aerobics Socials

Twitter: @WarwickAerobics


Advice for incoming club freshers

Warwick Aerobics club is one of the friendliest and largest sports club on campus. We offer a huge variety of classes catering for all interests and abilities such as, Zumba, Spin and Legs, Bums and Tums. Unlike other sport clubs on campus, we are a no commitment required club, so if you’re looking for a fun way to get fit easily and casually then we are the perfect club for you! Aerobics also run socials such as circling nearly every week, as well as other events throughout the year including, bar crawls, meals, BBQ’s, Kasbah trips and joint socials with rugby league. Everyone is welcome to attend our socials and it is a great way to make friends and have fun as a club outside our classes.

Join us circling on Wednesday before POP with our fun themes: (check our Facebook page for times and location)

Week 1: Geek Chic

Week 2: Disney AND meet and greet



Targets for next season

Our target for this year is to make more money for charity than ever before!

Classes and venue

Our classes take place in the Aerobics Studio, located on campus in the Sports Centre. Classes from 80p with a ten class card! All of our classes are free in week 1, so come along and try it out

Term 1 timetable:

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday



Legs, Bums & Tums


Body blast






Stretch & Tone


Club President

Megan Reay

Number of Members





Biggest and Best club social event

Aerobics are known for getting carried away and buying the most rugby union boys in their yearly slave auction. This is our most popular and crazy circle with over 50 people, where the rugby boys are under our social sec’s control to do what we please!



Our Club BNOC is our very own publicity officer Emma Sainsbury. Whether she’s sweating it out in legs, bums and tums or snapping embarrassing photos of us all at circle you’re bound to get to know Emma!




Our club’s charity is Zoe’s Place in Coventry which is a hospice for babies and young children, it’s a really great cause which we try to help by raising as much money as we can for them! Last year we raised over £650 through charity classes as well as various events including take me out, socials to Kasbah and our infamous rugby slave circle! This year we’re focusing on raising even more money than ever before so look out for our charity events running throughout the year!


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