Warwick students slightly less satisfied than last year

Student satisfaction at Warwick has fallen by 1% according to the results of this year’s National Student Survey (NSS).

According to the recently published NSS results, this year’s graduates were less satisfied with their Warwick experience than students who graduated last year.

87% of final year students said that they were satisfied with their experience at Warwick in 2015. Last year, 88% of finalists left Warwick satisfied with their overall experience.

62nd in UK

This result placed Warwick joint 62nd nationally for student satisfaction this year according to the Times Higher Education.

Other prestigious institutions ranked joint 62nd with 87% satisfaction included the University of Plymouth, Teesside University and Canterbury Christ Church University.

Meanwhile, Warwick’s local rival, Coventry University, was ranked 11th in the UK for overall student satisfaction, with 91% of students satisfied with their experiences.

Warwick Students’ Union (SU) also fared worse this year compared to last year’s results. Last year, the SU achieved a satisfaction rating of 79%, however, this year our SU achieved a satisfaction rating of 77%.

High SU satisfaction

This figure might seem low, however, the national average for student satisfaction with their SU was 68%.

Although Warwick smashed the national average for satisfaction with the SU, Coventry University edged ahead, and achieved a 78% satisfaction rating for their SU.

Warwick performed well in some categories of the NSS, especially in questions relating to the academic side of student life.

90% if this year’s graduates thought that their course at Warwick was intellectually stimulating, which was 4% higher than the national average of 86%.

Campus construction “stretched patience”

Warwick graduates also suggested that staff at Warwick were easily contactable for help, in fact 90% of students found they were able to get into contact with staff when they needed to. This was above the national average of 87%.

Peter Dunn, director of press and policy at the University, took a positive view of the situation. He highlighted that the various building and road works on campus “stretched the patience of students and staff alike this year.”

In light of this he commented: “We are pleased to have essentially sustained our NSS performance despite that disruption and we know that that significant investment in our infrastructure will be welcomed and valued by students and staff for many years to come.”


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