Photo: West Midlands Fire Service

Firefighters called to red smoke chemical leak on campus

A chemical incident involving red smoke occurred in a Chemistry lab at the University last night and was attended by the emergency services.

The incident started in a cupboard in one of Warwick’s Chemistry labs on the 2nd floor of the chemistry building according to the West Midlands Fire Service.

The area by the science building was cordoned off Photo: West Midlands Ambulance Service Hazard Area Response Team

Firefighters were called at 8.06pm on Thursday night after red smoke was spotted by a PhD student coming from a cupboard in the Chemistry lab. Four fire engines attended the scene with 20 firefighters, alongside police officers and specialist paramedics.

Four fire engines arrived at the University Photo: West Midlands Ambulance Service Hazard Area Response Team

When the firefighters arrived at the scene, they cordoned off an area of 100m from the science building. The firefighters, wearing chemical protection suits, then entered the lab to respond to the incident.

No injuries were reported from the incident and the building is now open as usual.

West Midlands Fire Service told the Boar: “Firefighters in chemical protection suits entered the building to stabilise hazardous materials that had leaked and also search for any individuals that may not have been evacuated.”

Firefighters entered the building in chemical protection suits Photo: West Midlands Fire Service

They added: “West Midlands Fire Service would like to thank students and staff on site at the time for their patience and understanding.”

The University commented to the Boar:”All resolved quickly by the efficient fire service once they established what it was.”


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