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BREAKING: £15k stolen in rush-hour robbery on Leamington parade

A gang of robbers raided and stole up to £15,000 from the Coventry Building Society branch on Leamington Spa’s main parade, according to reports from BBC Midlands Today.

A car rammed into and shattered the glass front windows of the store during rush hour this morning. The thieves were seen jumping out of the car to grab two containers full of cash allegedly intended to supply an ATM machine.

The men were armed with sledgehammers, which they used to break the cash machines.

The incident caused a “commotion” on Leamington’s main road, according to an employee of a firm overlooking the Building Society.

She told the BBC that she initially assumed that the car had just crashed: “It was only when the men got out of the car and they had their their faces covered that I realised it wasn’t quite normal.”


The incident involved at least four individuals, and three cars, all taking place in no more than 3 minutes, according to the same report.

The robbers escaped in a different car, a Vauxhall Astra, abandoning the Kia they used to shatter the windows. They switched once again to a third unknown vehicle, which police are searching for.

There were no injuries. Members of the public who witnessed the incident are being treated for shock.

Last updated 12:54,  29/08/15


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