Boar Sport Club Files: Classical and Modern Dance

Oh CMD is wonderful






Advice for incoming freshers 

All of our classes are free in weeks 1 and 2, so try as many classes as you can to find out what style and level suits you. Come to one of our many socials that we have over the first couple of weeks to meet people outside of your class, as well as your course and halls. Joining a sports club is one of the best things to do at university, especially if its CMD!

Targets for next season

Improve our performances in competitions, increase our amount and variety of socials, and make CMD more known on campus.

Training Times and Venues PINK WEEK

All our classes take place in the Aerobics Studio in the main Sports Centre on campus opposite humanities. Classes vary from term to term, so its best to either pick up a timetable at Sports Fair in term one, or look at our Facebook page.

Club President

Ailsa MacLachlan

Number of members 






Biggest club social 

CMD’s annual Pink Week Ball at the end of term two is not to be missed!


Dan Takel (below). One half of CMD’s social team ‘Tassil’ and all-round CMD enthusiast.




CMD won the RAG award at Sports Ball this year after raising over £6200 for charity over the academic year.

At the start of the year, there is a ‘danceathon’ for a local charity in which our members are sponsored to dance for five hours in a variety of workshops. CMD’s big charity event in term one is ‘CMD presents Let’s Dance for Sport Relief’, in which 13 of the biggest sports clubs choreograph a dance to perform in the Copper Rooms. The winner is decided through audience voting and this year we raised £2370.


Pink Week 2CMD’s largest charity venture is ‘Pink Week’, which occurs at the end of term 2. There is a cake sale outside the SU all week, charity collections in nearby towns, sponsored dancing in the SU, pink week circle, second hand clothes sale, and lots more, so there is something for everyone to get involved with! The week ends with our annual Pink Week Ball, which is a celebration of everyone’s hard work throughout the week.




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