Boar Sport Club Files: Women’s Hockey



“On the 1, 2 … 1, 2!!”




Advice for incoming freshers

If you throw yourself in to our club you’ll improve your game, make incredible memories and meet life-long friends!

Targets for next season

To raise our game both on and off the pitch – push records with our hockey success, fundraising totals and pint speed.

Number of members


Club President

Zoë Rogers

Training Times

Sports Centre every Monday morning for fitness

Westwood pitches every Monday and Friday

Two matches per week on Wednesday (BUCS League) and Saturday (Local League)

UWLHC Fitness





Number of Teams


Squad Captains

1st XI – Ellie Martin

2nd XI – Lucie Petrides

3rd XI – Kayleigh Hart

4th XI – Shannon Hobbs





Club BNOC (Big Name on Campus)

‘Bean’ aka Ellie Martin aka 1st XI captain. She’s a top hockey player, excellent pint drinker and general friendly and encouraging keen bean.

Biggest Social Event 

Annual Hockey Ball which involves looking classy and acting sophisticated for roughly an hour before chaos ensues.

UWLCH huddle




This year we organised a huge Movember social, a popular hockey tournament, a charity talent show and entered the Stratford half-marathon raising almost £3,000. We also got involved in other sports club’s charity events, entering a team into the highly contested ‘Dance for Sport Relief’ only to come second – this year the pressure is on.


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