Photo: Warwick RAG

RAG walks on hot coals

Warwick Raising and Giving (RAG) members embarked on a ‘Firewalk’ between 11am and 4pm on Tuesday 16 June, raising money for charities of their choice.

Gathered at the piazza, participants were first provided with safety precautions and a workshop before attempting to cross the hot coals.

80 tickets were sold for the event.


Katie Shanahan, a second-year German and English Literature student who took part, said: “I decided to do it as I’m doing a skydive for Mind (a mental health charity) and I was recommended to use it as a way of raising more money.

“I also decided to challenge myself a lot this year hence why I’m doing the Firewalk, skydive and the 3 peaks challenge within 2 weeks! Beforehand I wasn’t too worried but then when we were told it was 500 degrees I got rather nervous!

“Standing in front of the Firewalk I was really scared but it was great! Walked it twice to make sure it wasn’t a fluke! I’d definitely do it again! Our instructor was great at putting everyone at ease while still preparing people for the dangers.”

500 degrees

First-year German and Italian with French student Dominic Johnson also took to the challenge: “I also chose to do it for fundraising purposes as I’m going to Uganda with East African Playgrounds at the end of July, and also I thought it seemed like a cool thing to be able to say I’ve done.

“I was a little apprehensive about it because it seems illogical that your feet can put up with 500 degrees but the instructor was really good and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.”


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