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Library thieves steal students’ stuff

Two laptops have gone missing from the University library during the first two weeks of term three. Both had been left unattended by the owners.

The University’s security team has been to the library to implement precautionary measures, including posting a message on the television screens in the library. Police officers have also been spotted, according to some students.

The message reminds library users that thefts are possible in the library and urges them not to leave their valuables unattended.

Additionally, library stewards are advising visitors to the library to keep their valuables safe.
As it stands, many library users are in the practice of temporarily leaving their valuables at workspaces in the library.

Lee Page, communications manager at the University’s press and policy office said: “Visitors are urged not to leave items unattended and to remain vigilant, reporting any suspicious activity to library staff or security personnel.”

He added: “We are committed to ensuring the University is safe and secure for everyone who studies, works and visits the campus.”

Rachael Davies, first-year English Literature and German student, said: “I think it’s terrible that people can’t trust others within their own community not to take things. With exams, no one wants to be dealing with that kind of stress as well.

“I think the library could potentially have more staff inside to keep an eye on things like that – they seem to have enough to patrol us for being quiet!

“Maybe some posters to make people aware of the dangers to their belongings as well – I think being on campus makes students forget that they are actually in a public area.”

John Bamping, first-year Maths and Physics student, noted: “The library isn’t like rooms Library 1 and 2 below the library, which are unstaffed and have no valuable books or people leaving laptops.

“I think we all feel that the library is secure and watched inside which is why we leave laptops out.
Having this illusion shattered makes me worried for next year.

“What if I left my bag for a minute, and then had no bus pass or money?”


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