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Maintenance loans are insufficient for over 70 percent of students

The student finance website,, has conducted a survey to investigate the sufficiency of student maintenance loans.

The poll, which ran between 6 -16 March this year, found that the majority of students are struggling financially. Approximately three quarters of students surveyed agreed with the statement “I am worried about money”.

The results also revealed that 73.8 percent of students feel their maintenance loan is not enough to live on, in comparison to just over a quarter saying that it is sufficient.

50.2 percent of students say they rely on their parents for financial help whilst at university.

Further to this, the poll exposed the measures students have taken to remain financially afloat. According to the website, 41 percent of students have gone without food because of money concerns, and 28.9 percent stated that they can’t afford to put the heating on when it is cold.

28.7 percent of students said they have considered discontinuing their course because they can’t afford to be at university, and 3.6 percent admitted to earning money through illegal means.

Fewer than ten percent have taken out a pay day loan. James Felton, content editor at, said: “When students are being targeted by payday lenders, universities need to be even more proactive to make sure students are receiving the right advice from the right people.

“It’s clear that the current maintenance loan system is not working. This is despite much more students having part-time jobs on top of their degrees than ever before.”

The findings of the poll and the conclusions of James Felton appear to match the opinions of students at Warwick.

I think there needs to be better analysis of family incomes because it’s just assumed that higher income families can pay for things”
Rachael Davies

Lily Pickard, a first-year English Literature undergraduate, said: “I think it’s a pretty poor system, I can only afford to live because I get extra money from my Dad’s pension, and without that my maintenance loan would only cover my accommodation!”

Furthermore, Ralph Kramer, a first-year Maths undergraduate noted that “people who don’t get a full maintenance loan might not get extra from their parents”.

Rachael Davies, a first-year English Literature and German student, agreed, arguing that the system should be reevaluated. She commented: “I think there needs to be better analysis of family incomes because it’s just assumed that higher income families can pay for things.

“If they have a lot of children, or are retired, then parents might not be able to support their family like that.”


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On the other hand, Alex Humfryes, a first-year German and Business student, said: “I think personally the loan is sufficient enough for me, as I don’t have to dig too far into my own money to cover university living costs.

“However, I am living in Rootes which is only £3500 a year, meaning I’m fortunate enough to have more money to spend on food, drinks and socialising.

“If I were in Sherbourne or Bluebell though, or at another university where even basic accommodation is expensive, then it would probably not be sufficient enough for me.”

The full results can be viewed at:


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