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BREAKING NEWS: Armed police give campus the all clear after reported gunman sighting

Police searched Warwick campus today after a “credible” report to security that a man was carrying a gun in Tocil Wood.

Security called police to campus “instantly” at 2.30pm today, March 20, following a report that a man had been seen carrying a gun. A spokesperson for the University said they were “very pleased” with the swift response of the police, who arrived with dogs, an armed response unit, and a police helicopter.

Security informed students of the possible danger in areas of campus bordering the Tocil Wood, including Bluebell residences, Life Sciences, and the Medical School, and advised them to stay inside.

The police units stood down at 4.00pm after they were unable to find anyone who matched the description given or appearing to pose a threat.

A University spokesperson said the police were “absolutely sure there was no threat to anybody” and they were “convinced” there was no gunman in the Tocil Wood.

The police and security advised all campus residents to “return to normal”.

The University said they would “continue to look into it to see if we can get to the bottom of the reports.”

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