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Hungry? Here are Leamington’s best cafes

Noshin Suleman and Aashna Jaggi give some advice for when you’re bored of Costa…

Havana: Casa de Café
Address: 48 Warwick Street, Leamington Spa

The perfect atmosphere, coffee and cheesecake. That’s why Havana makes the top of our list. The menu offers tapas which are delicious and Cuban coffee which is, arguably, the best in Leamington. Located next to the Duke, this charming little café also offers live music on Saturdays (keep a look out for the Spanish guitarist in the evening!) and salsa lessons on Wednesdays. The lower floor is perfect for those who want to work someplace other than the learning grid or their rooms, and Havana offers the most student friendly hours in leam; Till 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. This is (hopefully) the beginning of a beautiful patron-owner relationship.

Gusto Ricco
Address: 65 Regent Street, Leamington Spa

Gusto Ricco is a quaint little Italian cafe just off the parade. Although they offer a wide array of ‘light bites’ including risottos, melanzane and lasagne, our favourite is probably the bruschetta (they have several types). The place offers excellent roasted coffee (with artistic foam detail) and an even better banana honey milkshake. Gusto Ricco has an old building charm to it and the atmosphere is quite relaxed. If your phone dies or you run out of conversational topics with your ‘companion’ you can always play a game of ‘Find The Oddest Piece of Decoration’ (including, but not limited to, a samurai jack figurine, a melting pizza clock and a chicken themed wall decoration).

Zoü Bisou
Address: 20 Livery Street, Leamington Spa

You’ve probably heard of Zou Bisou or walked by it before. In one word, it’s cute. The staff are especially warm and welcoming and they have a fine selection of froyos including a watermelon flavor (yum!). The menu is decked out with ‘healthy’ snacks and the ‘Today’s Special’ is often the most delicious item on it. The setting is what makes this place different from the others though; it’s very chilled out. Quite simply, it feels good to be there. Zoü Bisou is located close to the Leamington Grid so if you need a quick break, this is the place to go. Definitely try the froyo out and/or the Belgium hot chocolate.

Bella Café (Borges Portuguese Patisserie)
Address: 45 Regent Grove, Leamington Spa

Bella Café is an inviting establishment with a cozy and relaxed atmosphere (a recurring theme in Leamington, apparently). The food is excellent, and you’ll find authentic Portuguese style hot dogs, coffee and pastries. The pastries are a real treat and merit a trip all by themselves, but try out the custard tarts if you want something different (and tasty). Another personal favourite is the Piri Piri Chicken Panini if you are looking for something savoury. Double thumbs up!

Fat Birds Cafe
Address: 95 Warwick Street

Fat birds is your traditional ‘grab a bite’ place. The menu has one of the widest wraps and sandwich selections (try the B.L.T or the roast chicken if you can’t decide). The lunch selections are simple, but really well done and you get real value for money in terms of portions. This one is perfect for large groups, and they do a 30% student discount as well. The setting is simple, the place clean, the staff nice and the food tasty. What’s not to like?

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