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Rugby to be barred from SU events?

**NOTE A conclusion had been reached on Tuesday 25 Nov. Check here for updated information

The Men’s Rugby Union Club (WURFC) has been facing the possibility of being barred from all Students’ Union (SU) events.

The decision to ban the club from events was made on Thursday 13 November. However, an appeal was made four days later by the rugby club on Monday 17 November.

The SU have officially stated: “the club are appealing the decision made by the Discipline Committee at the Students’ Union and we cannot comment further until an outcome has been reached on this.”

It is understood that the decision was prompted by a video which showed an ‘odd’ initiations event featuring male freshers dressed in maid outfits and man-kinis.

There were allegations that the initiations shown in the footage belonged to that of the Men’s Rugby Union. Neither the SU nor the club have denied the claims.

The SU have however asserted that the decision was not based solely on the video and that they took other factors into account.

While the disciplinary process has been ongoing, there has not been much information or explanation given on the potential ban.

Members of the Rugby club have complained that the SU’s decision has been unfair and that it has come due to the University’s and the SU’s dislike for club initiations and adoptions.

There have also been complaints that the club is being targeted as a result of being regarded an ‘archetype of lad culture’.


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