Editors’ Letter – Use us like someone else’s milk in your halls’ kitchen

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was recently sat at a conference, listening to a bunch of journalists answer the question: “what is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?”

Wading in on everything from “what my boss wants” to “whether I’m being sued”, Deputy Editor of the Times, Emma Tucker, said simply, “I ask myself: ‘what is in the Times today that is going to make an impact on someone’s life?’ While being at the helm of the Boar is not quite on the same scale, and while I no doubt throw my alarm clock around the room and marvel at my bird’s nest hair before doing much else, this very same thought is high on my list of morning ponders.

What is in the Boar that will make an impact on students’ lives? What have we done recently that is exciting, fascinating, hard-hitting? What have we helped to better? What have we helped to change? A students’ newspaper is a completely new concept for most of you. Some of you might be impressed with how professional we are, while some of you, a bit like student politics, may think we take ourselves too seriously.

Welcome to some of the best three years of your life.

Many of you will write for us, join our editing teams, maybe one day go on to stand at the very helm I am stood at now. After all, this time three years ago, I was the one dashing to the stall at Freshers’ Fair and keenly scribbling my name down on every bit of available paper to be involved in any possible way I could.

Your student newspaper, much like student life in general, is and will be exactly what you make of it. If you engage with us – read us, write for us, rant at us, tweet us, send us stories and ideas, or just rock up to our socials and sit in the corner bad-mouthing David Cameron – we will become much more than just a newspaper for you. We are your mouthpiece, your representative.

In our pages you will find everything from the latest campus news to a rundown of the best cheesy hangover recipes, a review of the latest student play to a cartoon depicting what might happen if Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg produced offspring. (NB: this hasn’t yet happened and I’d really like it to. Get contributing.) Use us like someone else’s milk in your halls kitchen. We are here next to you, but most of all we are here for you. Welcome to some of the best three years of your life. Welcome to Warwick.

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